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PMA8000 Plug-and-Play with GMA340

PS Engineering, Inc., a world leader in general aviation audio systems, announces the development of the next evolutionary step in audio control. The latest in this generation of panels is designated PMA8000. Building on the strengths of a proven design, with enhancements to utility, cosmetics, and feature set, yet in a smaller package our previous systems, the PMA8000 sets a new level of price/performance.

The PMA8000 provides an audio selector panel for two VHF coms (including our split mode), a cellular telephone interface, an IntelliVox ® 6-place stereo intercom, dual independent music inputs, and an internal marker beacon receiver with 3-light indicator. "The PMA8000 is the direct result of customer demand." said company Vice President Gary Picou. "Pilots want the performance and benefits afforded by our very popular PMA7000-series, but some new aircraft and retrofit installations used competitor equipment for convenience. The cost of an audio panel rewire can be daunting. So we designed the PMA8000 to be a true plug-and-play replacement for the GARMIN GMA340."

The new PMA8000 sports a cosmetic look that blends-in perfectly with a GARMIN stack. With an integrated bezel and tactile push-button control, this styling will place it right at home with popular communications and navigation avionics.

With our patented IntelliVox® automatic intercom squelch system, all traditional knobs and push buttons needed to adjust the intercom trip levels have been eliminated. Using digital processing, the system determines if the microphone is picking up voice, or aircraft noise. It opens instantly when voice is detected. This makes conversations seamless, even in a noisy aircraft.

When paired with the PS Engineering IFE system, such as the PAV80, the dual independent music inputs allow the passengers to watch a DVD and listen to the soundtrack, while the crew listens to the AM/FM radio- even while maintaining intercom contact. PS Engineering's "SoftMute™" automatically cuts out the music when there is a radio call, and then smoothly restores the music level. Through the use of a front panel control, the pilot can select our popular Karaoke mode, allowing the music to play continuously without constant interruptions, allowing the pilot to place the music in the background while having the radios in the foreground.

The full duplex TEL mode in the PMA8000 allows the pilot to access a hands free cellular telephone, where appropriate, through the audio panel and headset. Various front panel intercom configurations allow anyone in the aircraft to be placed on the cell phone, while the crew also remains connected to the communications radios.

Perhaps the most unique feature of the PMA8000 is its ability to serve as a remote control head for PS Engineering's new PVA800 integrated In-Flight Entertainment system. This IFE system can then be remotely mounted, yet easily controlled by the cockpit or cabin occupants. Available in late 2004, the PVA800 will offer DVD/CD/MP3 and Sirius satellite radio, in a single unit.

List price for the PMA8000 is $1,895 and is FAA TSO'd approved. The PMA8000 will be offered with PS Engineering's digital recorder option ($129.95 list). This popular option is a loop recorder that stores 16 messages, or up to a minute of incoming radio traffic from the selected transceiver, and provides instant playback of missed radio calls.

Founded in 1985, PS Engineering has become a leading manufacturer of general aviation intercoms and audio control systems. The company is a leader in retrofit avionics as well as original aircraft equipment installation.

GARMIN and GMA340 are trademarks of Garmin International, Inc. PS Engineering is not associated or affiliated with Garmin International, Inc. in any way.

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