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New EX Class Audio Panel Announced Exclusively For The Homebuilder

Oshkosh, WI. AirVenture 2007

While thousands of their audio panels have been installed in homebuilt and experimental aircraft over the years, the folks at PS Engineering are now taking direct aim at the market with a revolutionary new product that takes the "must have" list from homebuilders as the new standard of functionality and utility.

As the result, the new PMA9000EX becomes the most integrated audio panel ever offered. Nothing even comes close.

Because strict adherence to TSO limitations is not required, the audio experts at PS Engineering took a new approach in the product development stage. Management let the engineers loose and they came up some exciting new capabilities.

The PMA9000EX, as the name implies, was specifically developed and will be exclusively manufactured and marketed to the home-built experimental aircraft and the Light Sport Aircraft industry.

The addition of a backlit Liquid Crystal Graphics Display provides a great human interface for this flexible audio control system. Data such as selected radio audio sources, titles of the MP3 songs, stuck mic warnings, as well as a host of audio panel configurations are all displayed on an easily read, high-contrast, sunlight viewable display.

Their trademarked front panel utility jack acts as either an iPod input, telephone input, or as the USB port for the onboard MP3 player. This USB port allows the pilot/crew/passengers to download their favorite music from a memory stick directly into the onboard 512 Megabyte memory, providing many hours of continuous music listening.

The Bluetooth(r) interface eliminates the wire clutter that used to be necessary to interconnect telephones. This wireless interface will get the pilot as close to "hands free" flying as possible! An unprecedented number of pilot selectable audio panel/intercom/music configurations are now available using the Data Knob and the Graphics Display.

Pilots can select from a myriad number of configuration to have the intercom work just the way they want.

The PMA9000EX keeps all of the capabilities of the popular PMA8000B, including the sought after IntelliVox. automatic VOX system that eliminates squelch knobs and makes conversation easy. Also included is the Internal Recording System (IRS). It is plug and play compatible with the GARMIN GMA340*.

The PMA9000EX will be available for sale at this year's Oshkosh AirVenture with a list price of $2395.

Founded in 1985, PS Engineering has become a leading manufacturer of general aviation intercoms, audio panels, and In-flight Entertainment. With a network of over 600 authorized dealer/installers worldwide, the company is a leader in retrofit avionics as well as original aircraft equipment installation.

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