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Lower Price on PMA7000B Makes Upgrading Old Easier!

Lenoir City, Tenn. Taking advantage of improvements in manufacturing techniques, as well as years of reliability experience and technology improvements, PS Engineering announces price reduction for the popular PMA7000B Audio Control Panel with integrated Marker beacon receiver.

Starting April 1st, 2009, the List Price of the PMA7000B will be $1,595.00, a $400 decrease. PS Engineering wants to help stimulate aircraft owners, and the PMA7000B is a great way to help," said company founder Mark Scheuer, "because the PMA7000B is backward compatible with the old King KMA 24, the installation cost is also low. There are still many KMA 24s in the fleet, and we want to help upgrade them all."

Upgrading to the PMA7000B from a KMA 24 involves replacing the unit tray, and adding an intercom harness. The radio interface stays the same, eliminating much of the installation labor. With the new PMA7000B, the pilot gets a 6-place stereo intercom with PS Engineering's revolutionary IntelliVox(r) automatic voice-activated squelch system, two independent music inputs, split com and cellular telephone capability. The PMA7000B shipped after March 30th will have a 2-year ProSupport warranty,

"This price decrease is possible because we leveraged improvements in technology with improved manufacturing efficiency, "noted VP of Engineering, Steve Hudson, "we used the collective experience of a decade of PMA7000 production to cut production costs, and we pass that along to the customer.

Founded in 1985, PS Engineering has become a leading manufacturer of general aviation intercoms and audio control systems. With a network of over 600 authorized dealer/installers worldwide, the company is a leader in retrofit avionics as well as original aircraft equipment installation. # # #

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