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Civil Air Patrol to get new PMA7000M-S

Lenoir City Tenn. - The Civil Air Patrol has selected a version of the new PMA7000M-S as the audio selector of choice for their new aircraft and retrofit applications.

The PMA7000M-S used by the Civil Air Patrol is a custom version custom developed to interface with the FM tactical communication package used for search and rescue missions. The unique split mode permits the pilot to maintain communications with air traffic control, while the observer/copilot position can conduct a separate conversation on another radio at the same time. This CAP version sports user-specific nomenclature on the front panel signifying "FM" on the mic selector.

Normally the intercom function is inhibited during split mode to reduce confusion as the crew conducts outside conversations. However, for mission critical crew communication, an ICS button activates the intercom to enable consultation between pilot and observer. This feature is included in all PM7000-series as a result of the Civil Air Patrol's suggestion.

The PMA7000M-S includes PS Engineering's revolutionary IntelliVox® intercom squelch system. Manual control of the VOX threshold is eliminated through the use of micro-controller circuits that constantly monitor all microphone inputs. When speech is detected instead of noise, the VOX opens instantly. Cabin conversation is seamless and effortless.

According to PS Engineering president Mark Scheuer, "It was paramount that our new IntelliVox® circuit work better than the tried and true analog VOX circuits we have been manufacturing for the last 13 years. I'm pleased to report that it exceeds even my expectations for VOX performance. It is completely transparent to the user, and makes for a most natural conversation"

PS Engineering is a leading manufacturer of cockpit intercommunications and audio control products. According to industry reporting they sell more stereo audio panels and intercoms than all the other manufacturers, combined. Based near Knoxville Tenn., the company was recognized as the 1997 Aircraft Electronics Association Associate Member of the Year.

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