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PS Engineering is bringing satellite radio entertainment to general aviation with an up-grade to the PXE7300 that provides the addition of Sirius Satellite Radio.

PS Engineering, a leader in general aviation audio systems, has made many technological contributions in cockpit audio. With the latest announcement of the Sirius Radio module, PS Engineering continues to make large strides in making In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) more affordable.

Why did we select Sirius Satellite Radio? Click and and find out.

The PXE7300 with Option SR adds the capability of constant radio reception across the continental United States, with up to 100 channels of entertainment, news, and sports and no advertisements. The satellite module is a remote mounted box that is controlled by the PXE7300 panel unit.

Satellite based radio is ideal for general aviation because the same stations are available anywhere in the country. The programming variety is extraordinary, and you'll never lose a channel as you fly along your route.

Relying on our experience and knowledge of cockpit audio, a user-friendly interface for the PXE7300 was designed for the pilot. The user interface is easy to use while maximizing the utility and eliminated distractions. The PXE7300-SR is a seamlessly integrated into the aircraft audio system. Designed from the ground up for the cockpit.

List price of the standard PXE7300 is $1495, while the optional Sirius Satellite remote receiver is $899, and the Sirius Satellite antenna is $309 making the total system cost of $2,704. The PXE7300-SR will provide AM/FM/CD/MP3/MP3Pro and Sirius Satellite Radio.


SIRIUS Satellite Radio uses ground-based transmitters in populated areas to ensure consistent road coverage. However, for airborne receivers, these ground-based signals may cancel satellite-transmitted signals, resulting in a dropped signal. You may experience interruptions in the airborne SIRIUS signal near large cities. This interruption will be variable, depending on AGL altitude, distance, number of ground-based transmitters and azimuth to the transmitters.

PS Engineering, Inc. does not guarantee SIRIUS Satellite Radio coverage in all areas, or the suitability of the SIRIUS Satellite Radio for any particular geographical area.
(part#-11970) PXE7300 AM/FM/CD/MP3/MP3Pro player $1495.00 (List) $1395.00 (MAP)
Option SR Sirius Satellite radio Remote Radio $895.00 (List) $795.00 (MAP)
Option 2 European Tuning N/C
Option 3 Sirius Satellite Radio Antenna $309.95 (List) $299.95 (MAP)
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