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The Most Integrated Audio Panel Ever!



Not FAA Approved

Built with the "Wish List from the Homebuilder" the PMA9000EX brings to the cockpit more capability than any other audio panel.


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With more and more integration happening in the cockpit, and with the more relaxed rules that govern the Experimental Aircraft marketplace, the folks at PS Engineering, Inc. wanted to offer capability that meets the needs of the homebuilder. 

Because strict adherence to TSO limitations was not required, management changed the way this product development project was going to run. They decided to let the engineers run loose with their imagination.

The results? Unparalleled Innovation, Utility, and Functionality.

The backlit Liquid Crystal Graphics Display provides an easy way to manage the audio system. At a glance see what radios are selected, titles of songs, and message alerts. A host of audio panel configurations can be changed with a twist of the
Rotary Data Knob.

Our trademark front panel utility jack acts as an iPod input, telephone input, or USB port for the onboard MP3 player. This USB port allows the crew and passengers to download music from a memory stick, providing hours of continuous music listening.

The Bluetooth® interface eliminates the wire clutter that used to be necessary to connect
telephones. This wireless interface gets the pilot as close to hands free flying as possible! 

The unprecedented number of audio panel configurations allows the pilots to make the system work just the way they want.

There are 5 different ways that any two of  the three music inputs can be distributed. And making that configuration change is as easy as turning the Data Knob and select which distribution setup best meets the needs of the occupants.

And of course, non of the capabilities of the venerable PMA8000B has been lost on the PMA9000EX.  It too is plug and play with the GARMIN GMA340.

Ų        BluetoothŅ Wireless Connection

Allows Bluetooth capable telephones to wirelessly connect their phone to their audio panel system

Ų         Built-In MP3 Player

1 Gbyte memory provides about 20 hours of continuous music listening

Ų        Graphics Display

Just A Glance (JAG) tells the pilot how the audio panel is configured or what song is being played. JAG provides a great human interface to easily select configurations of the audio panel to best meet the pilot's needs.

Ų         Front panel jack for USB, Phone & iPod

An easy way to get your iPod, hardwired telephone, or a Memory Stick connected as means for uploading music.


* GARMIN is a registered trademark of GARMIN, Ltd. PS Engineering, Inc. is in no way affiliated with GARMIN, LTD.  


LIST $2295

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