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Dual Audio Panel with Built-in  Bluetooth®



The PMA8000D Audio Panel is truly a ground breaking audio system designed specifically for aircraft that require independent audio control for the crew.




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PS Engineering prides itself as the innovative leader in aircraft audio control systems, and the PMA8000D sets a new level of cockpit integration when it comes to the more complex aircraft that require independent audio panel control. 

The PMA8000D is a ship set of two. With digital interface control, the pilot is always in control while allowing the copilot to off load not only radio communications, but also allow access to the passengers without interrupting the pilot.

There can never be any "strange states" because the intelligence that is built into the systems prevents this from occurring. 

With two independent Bluetooth® interfaces, any one of a number of configurations will allow distribution of telephone and music. 

And like all of our PMA8000 series, there are front panel configuration that allows both the pilot and copilot to configure the intercom to best suite the needs of the cockpit crew and passengers.


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