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New PMA8000BTi Audio Panel


Brings IntelliAudio®  to Flagship Panel


FAA TSO and EASA ETSO Approved!




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IntelliAudio® - True Dimensional Sound. Click Here to Download the IntelliAudio® Simulator



PS Engineering, Inc. has been and continues to be committed to bringing the very best  value in audio control systems for aircraft owners. 

It has never been more affordable to have advanced audio control capability at your finger tips than it is today with the new PMA8000BTi.

Maintaining all of the advanced capabilities of our flagship audio panel,  the new PMA8000BTi brings IntelliAudio® economically.

IntelliAudio® was developed by the United States Air Force at the Wright Patterson Air Force Base for use in fighter jets as well as battlefield operations.

It allows the pilot to place Com 1 in the 10 O'Clock position while Com 2 will be in the 2 O'Clock position, making it much easier to pay attention to the aircraft radio that is important at any given time.

With our exclusive license with the USAF, we are quickly adapting this technology to new platforms. The PMA8000BT was a natural to gain this capability because of the easy plug 'n play installation it has in common with all PMA8000 series as well as with GARMIN's GMA340*


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Check list of capabilities:

  • IntelliAudio® True Dimensional Sound enhances radio communications

  • IntelliVox® automatic VOX system with individually gated microphones

  • Bluetooth® enabled allowing connections to iPhones, iPads, PDA

  • Digital aircraft radio recorder (IRS™)

  • Split mode for dual audio panel capability

  • 6 - Place hi-fi stereo intercom with Soft Mute™

  • Monitor Mode allows automatic muting of non-primary radio

  • ASC (Active Static Control) eliminates constant back ground noise

  • 3 - music mute modes: Mute On, Radio Mute, Mute Off

  • Dedicated front panel music volume control

  • Built-in Marker Beacon Receiver

  • Cellular telephone input with "DuTel™" telephone distribution

  • Easy front panel control for telephone side tone on/off 

  • Front panel utility jack for phone or un-switched audio warnings

  • 2 - Differential, hi-fidelity stereo music source inputs (no ground loop noise)

  • 3 - Isolation modes - Pilot Isolate, All, and Crew

  • 5 - un-switched inputs, with front panel un-switched input

  • Selectable music distribution for passengers

  • Selectable intercom mode with special "Alternate Intercom Mode"

  • 3-year Pro-Support Warranty

The front-mounted, 2.5mm multipurpose jack gives pilots unprecedented access to their audio panel, allowing connections to cell phones, portable music devices, or audio announcements directly into the audio panel. 

Front panel control of telephone side-tone allows the pilot to quickly turn on or off the internal side-tone generator specifically for the telephone interface.

Three different configurations can be selected from the front panel, such as how the music is distributed, the way the intercom functions, and selecting the new Monitor Function. Once a particular configuration is selected, a female voice announces that selection and will remain in affect until the pilot changes that selection. No audio panel from any manufacturer offers this kind of flexibility.

The Monitor mode allows the pilot to designate one com radio as primary, while having the second com as the secondary audio source. When there is radio activity on the primary radio, the secondary com radio will temporarily mute.

The PMA8000BTi utility jack also is a convenient way to  connect your cellular telephone.  When the cellular phone is connected and the pilot pushes the "TEL" button our "Du-tel"™ system goes online. The Pilot can make a private phone call, everyone can be on the phone, or just the pilot and copilot can use the telephone. This selection is made by the ISO, ALL and Crew switch. 

While using the phone, the pilot can receive and transmit on the selected VHF COM, for seamless integration in the cockpit. (Cellular telephone use in flight is not permitted, but remains a convenient and safe way to contact air-traffic control or a weather briefer while on the ground.)

PS Engineering's innovative Internal Recording System (IRS™) is now standard equipment, a $130 savings! The pilots can instantly play back radio messages, eliminating the need for the pilot to request "say again," or assure themselves that the last radio call was for them. The playback button is on the front panel. Up to 8 messages can be recorded and played back in sequence.

The new PMA8000BTi is backward compatible with the entire PMA8000 series as well as the GARMIN GMA340.


List price for the PMA8000BTi  is  $2,095

* GARMIN and GMA340 are registered trademarks of GARMIN, Ltd. PS Engineering, Inc. is in no way affiliated with GARMIN, LTD.  


Note: Use of the front panel jack is restricted to advisory information only, from portable systems. Signals required for certified equipment must be interface in accordance with their specific installation manuals.


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