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The PMA7000CD combines a version of the PMA7000MS and PCD7100 to create an extremely versatile audio panel with a remote-mounted CD/MP3 player. The single-disk player is controlled by the PMA7000CD, eliminating the pushbuttons on the CD player itself. This reduces panel space requirements by 25%, not to mention costs. To make room for the CD controls, the archaic DME and ADF buttons were dropped (although the audio inputs are still functional) and replaced with the CD controls.

The split mode, pioneered by PS Engineering, is still available, but now  uses an intuitive push button selection. To make operation simpler, Com 1 priority is provided to the pilot, in split mode, with copilot selection of Com 2 or 3. The audio panel has concentric volume controls, one for intercom and one music volume. The PMA7000CD retains the dual independent music sources.  These can be paralleled to the PCD7100-R if desired. 

The telecommunications distribution in the PMA7000CD has also been improved by adding a full-duplex interface to aviation-standard impedance. This allows distribution of AirCell and Globalstar and Iridium conversations, providing private telephone calls by the pilot or copilot, or party line calls with the passengers and/or crew, using Com 3. The unit can easily be configured as either a Com 3 aviation or Com 3 AirCell interface at installation. The PMA7000CD now has four un-switched and un-muted inputs. This adds flexibility when installed with today's advanced warning systems, like Skywatch or TAWS.

An optional Digital Recorder is available. This is a continuous loop recorder that records the aircraft radio activity that is selected to be used for transmissions. Up to 1 minute/16 messages can be stored.

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PMA7000CD Audio Panel w/6-place stereo IntelliVox intercom and remote CD/MP3 Player $2399.00 (List) 
Option 1 Digital Recorder (IRS) $149.95 (List) 
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