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The PCD7100-Series integrated Intercom and entertainment system is designed from the beginning for aircraft installations. By combining a superb Compact Disk (CD) player with a high-performance intercom and audio system, installation and operation is simplified. With MP3 capability, the user can store almost 20 hours of continuous music recorded on a single CD disc, minimizing the cockpit clutter of CDs!

The PCD7100-I incorporates PS Engineering's exclusive IntelliVox®, the completely automatic digitally controlled intercom squelch. IntelliVox®  has been a proven performer in all types of aircraft, from warbirds to helicopters.

The PCD7100-I has music and intercom volume controls, for precise adjustment of the audio levels. The five back-lit CD push button controls have LED mode annunciation are Play, Skip, Repeat, Stop and Eject. 

Several intercoms modes are available. In ALL mode, all intercom positions hear the aircraft radios and the CD player, with our proprietary "Soft Mute™" circuit. In ISO mode, the pilot hears only aircraft radio traffic, without music or intercom interruptions. In crew mode, the pilot and copilot hear the internal CD player, and radio traffic, while the passengers can either listen to the internal player, or use another entertainment source, depending on installation configuration. 

What about vibration? The Compact Disk Player is designed to withstand severe turbulence and very hard landings without missing a beat. The PCD7100 will be well suited to any aircraft cockpit or cabin vibration environment. The PCD7100 is also very tolerant of unusual attitudes, and will function in almost any normal category pitch or roll condition. 

The automatic fail-safe feature (EMG) connects the pilot directly to the aircraft radios if power is removed from the PCD7100-I for any reason. Like all PS Engineering intercoms, both the pilot and copilot have transmit capability over the aircraft radios

An available Digital Recorder and Audio Warning System (DRAWS) version can be ordered that will store 60-seconds of radio traffic for instant replay. In addition, up to six alert messages can be programmed to direct the pilot's attention to out-of-limit conditions, if interfaced with compatible aircraft systems.

The system was designed for maximum ergonomic simplicity, with easy to see and use buttons in a natural configuration. The PCD7100-I is manufactured in the USA, is FAA-Approved to the most current international standards. PS Engineering's 1-year no-hassle warranty and ProSupport program back the units for a lifetime of worry free operation.

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PCD7100TSO (part#-11956) 6-Place Stereo Intercom with built-in CD and MP3 player (List) $1,279.00
PCD7100TSO (part#-11957) Same as above but with aircraft radio digital recorder (List) $1,399.00
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