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Now you can have complete entertainment at  your finger tips. The PAV80 system incorporates AM / FM radio, CD / MP3 / MP3Pro for music, plus the added dimension of DVD video. The PAV80 system is a panel mounted player unit, which contains the DVD mechanism, as well as the AM/FM radio.

A 5.6 inch Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) video terminal provides full color pictures. Up to four displays can be driven, using an optional video distribution amplifier. One of the most intriguing features of the PAV80 is its multi tasking capability. When coupled to an audio control system, such as the PMA7000B, the pilot and copilot can listen to the radio, while the DVD movie audio is provided to the passengers or visa versa. This feature gives the aircraft occupants unprecedented control over their audio entertainment.

Music in front, movies in back, and a full intercom conversation, with aircraft radio muting of the entertainment as desired (with compatible system). By taking full advantage of the independent inputs designed into our audio panels, we have tailored the IFE outputs the way today's aircraft are used in cross-country travel.The PAV80 was designed specifically as a general aviation entertainment system. It was designed by pilots for pilots, and incorporates the most asked-for features in an IFE system.

The PAV80 features:

  • 2-inch tall panel-mounted unit with front panel alphanumeric display
  • Standard NTSC and S-VIDEO output compatible with most displays
  • Built-in 1 Amp 12 Volt power supply to power the supplied LCD video display
  • Up to 4 LCD video displays from one disc with use of option video distribution amplifier
  • Two Independent audio outputs (DVD and radio available)
  • Remote Control for video and secondary audio functions
  • AM/FM Stereo radio receiver
  • Backward compatible with PCD7100-P and PXE7300
  • Plays DVD, CD, MP3, CD-R and CD-RW disks
  • Auxiliary input for games, etc to interface to display
  • No antenna needed outside aircraft, internal antenna supplied
  • Vibration-resistant DVD player
  • No RFI emissions to interfere with communications or other avionics
  • Audio output compatible with most intercoms and audio systems
  • 1-year warranty if installed by PS Engineering dealer
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PAV80-0100 AM/FM/CD/MP3/DVD with 5.6" display and remote control $2995.00
PVA802 Video Distribution Amplifier allows up to 4 displays to be connetct to PAV80 $795.00
PVT801 5.6" Color LCD Display $395.00
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