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World's Lowest Cost FAA Aproved Audio Selector Panel The PMA6000B

Lenoir City, Tenn. Fifteen years ago, PS Engineering revolutionized audio control in general aviation airplanes. At that time, the PMA6000-series took the audio panel from a collection of switches added as an afterthought, to a multitalented intersystem focal point for cockpit audio. Radio selection, cockpit communications and even music were seamlessly combined in the modern audio control panel. The PMA6000-series set a benchmark for all GA audio panels that followed.

In production since 1995, the PMA6000 came to represent the entry-level for audio panels, and today PS Engineering is pleased to announce an updated version, the PMA6000B. This model takes advantage of the evolution in technology and manufacturing, as well as the experience from thousands of audio panels. The PMA6000B is smaller and lighter than its predecessor, using a single 44-pin connector for all aircraft and intercom interfacing. The sleek bezel is populated with tactile elastomeric pushbuttons and single concentric knob pair controls the volume and voice-activated squelch for the 4-place intercom.

According to company founder, Mark Scheuer, "Even with the success of our flagship product, like the PMA8000B MP3, we have seen a continuing need for a low cost, basic audio panel particularly in the light sport marketplace. With the PMA6000B, we've been able to cut costs, improve reliability and utility, and offer full performance in an entry-level audio panel, while maintaining FAA certification."

The unit uses PS Engineering's legendary "Set-it and Forget-it(tm)" manual VOX circuits, with a single knob controlling four individually gated microphones, thereby keeping cabin noise to a minimum when any one person speaks. The PMA6000B has a cockpit speaker amplifier, and two monaural music inputs with "SoftMute(tm)" and front panel controlled "Karaoke Mode(tm)" to inhibit the music mute function.

Other functions that the PMA6000B has are "Split Mode" allowing pilot to be on Com 1 while the copilot can be on Com 2 and two mono music inputs that are independent of the intercom mode. . The PMA6000B comes with or without the built-in intercom.

The PMA6000B List Price with the built-in marker beacon receiver is ($1195), or without ($1095). The unit is FAA-TSO approved, and is available now from PS Engineering's approved dealers.

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