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The introduction of True Dimensional Sound into the world of Special Mission Aircraft makes radio communications significantly easier!

New Orleans, LA - At this year’s Aircraft Electronics Association Convention, the leader in general aviation cockpit audio is adding another dimension to cockpit audio with the PAC45 Audio Controller with Multi-Talker™.

Designed with a singular focus on special mission audio requirements, the PAC45 specifically addresses the needs of airborne law enforcement, medical transport, or fire suppression with features for the demanding environment.

The PAC45 incorporates PS Engineering’s licensed and patented digital audio processing, Multi-talker™ to locate up to six communication radios spatially in the crew’s headset. This technology aids the brain in comprehending the conversations, instead of mixing all the audio together.

“When PS Engineering began using the USAF’s Multi-talker™ technology, we saw the expansion to special mission communications as a natural safety-enhancing extension,” said Founder and CEO Mark Scheuer. “When these pilots explained their situation, with six radios receiving vital information in a dynamic environment, I knew we had to bring Multi-talker™ in to help.”

The PAC45 bullet points:

* Single PAC45 accommodates Pilot and Copilot positions

* Up to three control heads (Pilot, Copilot, Mission observers) with single hub

* Multi-talker spatial processing for 6 COMs in 9 locations

* Bluetooth® enabled for telephone and music streaming

* Full Duplex Satellite Telephone capable

* Audio output power of 100mW into stereo headsets

* Volume controls for all switched receivers

* Unlimited bezel legend nomenclature with dealer tool

* 4 unswitched inputs

* 3 triggers for custom alert annunciations independent of audio panel operation

* NVG Compatible – standard

* IntelliVOX® intercom squelch, with high-noise mode and PTT-ICS

* CVR output

* ICS Call functions

Deliveries of the PAC45 Systems will begin in early June, following FAA Certification to the most recent standards.

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