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PS Engineering's best audio panel has just gotten even better!

PS Engineering Advances Audio System in NEW PMA450A

July 25th, 2016 – Oshkosh, WI Airventure marked the place where this new unit made pilots sit up and take notice. The new graphics display and USB port makes this audio panel a thing of beauty.

When the original PMA450 was introduced during Airventure 2014, PS Engineering brought IntelliAudio®, True Dimensional Sound, to the General Aviation Community. It was also the first and only audio panel with a built-in graphics display and a soft key interface all but eliminating the need of a Pilot Guide.

The NEW PMA450A raises the bar for audio control capabilities with a larger enhanced display and an easy to read white text on black Organic Light Emitting Display (OLED) technology. Since it is bigger, the USB charging port has gotten smaller and more powerful.

The new USB-C standard connector is non-directional and non-gendered, which means both ends are the same, and there is no up or down – making it very easy to connect in the cockpit. The power available also increases from 10 to 15 Watts.

PMA450A has optional PS Streamer™ Bluetooth® module – for streaming selectable cockpit audio signals that can include just the radios or everything the pilot hears, to a device such as a compatible video camera capturing the whole flight experience in sight and sound.

The PMA450A adds an independent Bluetooth® music input for distribution. Now, there are three independent music sources that can be distributed to anyone in the aircraft. With these advancements, the pilot, copilot, and passengers all can share or listen independently, their music source of choice.

Another sought after intercom function is the “copilot as passenger” mode, which treats the intercom station at the copilot seat like a passenger for music distribution and radio communication.

In over 20 years of designing and manufacturing audio panels, the PMA450 was PS Engineering’s greatest accomplishment. The PMA450A takes that one more step, making it the most advanced and easiest to use audio panel available. These enhancements solidify its place on top of the stack.

List price of the PMA450A is $2,595, PS Streamer Bluetooth® module ($149.95).

Founded in 1985, PS Engineering has become a leading manufacturer of general aviation intercoms and audio control systems. The company’s sole corporate focus is excellence in the design and manufacture of audio control systems aircraft. PS Engineering is credited for many innovations in the field, including IntelliAudio® IntelliVox®, Softmute™, flightmate®, Karaoke Mode™, Split mode™, Swap Mode™, and the IRS™(Internal Recording System). With a network of over 600 authorized dealers worldwide, it is a leader in retrofit and a supplier to other major avionics manufacturers.

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