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PS Engineering to provide Alert System to Lancair Aircraft

Lenoir City, TN - The Lancair Company has selected PS Engineering, Inc. to provide an audio warning system for the Columbia 400. This product provides a voice alert when certain conditions require pilot attention. The application of a voice announcement instead of a tone generator or beeper reduces the time it takes for the pilot to recognize and act on the conditions.

"The PRD60 is another example of how PS Engineering will apply audio technology to make the pilot's job easier and safer." Said PS Engineering President Mark Scheuer, "We've always enjoyed a relationship with Lancair, and we're pleased to be able to help with this program."

The model PRD60 is derived from the popular PMA7000M-S Audio Panel with Digital Warning System (DRAWS). Since the Lancair aircraft is already equipped with an audio system, manufactured by PS Engineering and marketed through UPS Aviation technologies, the PRD60 allows for easy retrofit and fleet commonality.

The PRD60 as manufactured for Lancair contains six messages:

  • "Door Open,"
  • "Alternator Off,"
  • "Check fuel valve,"
  • "Check oil "
  • "Fuel pump on,"
  • "Timer at zero"
These are played over the headset and cockpit speaker when triggered by the on board Annunciator system.

The messages stored in the unit were provided by Lancair, after a company-wide "talent search" to find the perfect "voice" of Lancair.

A generic version of the PRD60 will be available to the market as well. Priced at $499.95 (list), this will have six standard messages (with a non-Lancair voice). The messages are:

  • "Check temperature"
  • "Check fuel"
  • "Check oil"
  • "Check battery"
  • "Check engine speed"
  • "Check boost"
Besides the audio alerts, there is a 60-second digital clearance recorder. In addition, an audio summing network is available to add critical alerts from navigators, autopilots, terrain or collision avoidance systems.

PS Engineering is located near Knoxville Tenn. Founded in 1985, PS Engineering has become a leading manufacturer of general aviation intercoms and audio control systems. With a network of over 600 dealers worldwide, the company projects continued growth and success in this industry.

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