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PS Engineering is Adding Enhancements to Their Most Popular Audio Panels!


Lenoir City, TN – PS Engineering is pleased to announce enhancements to their most popular audio control panels, the PMA450A and PMA8000G.

Company founder and CEO, Mark Scheuer said, “PS Engineering has a challenge. Since we are focused on audio control, and don’t have the luxury of supplying the whole stack, we are constantly striving to bring as much utility as possible to our audio panel, while maintaining ease of use and practicality. Our engineers prove up to that challenge once again with these enhancements.”

* PMA450A Timer Function

The PMA450A, now includes timer functions using on-screen controls and audio annunciations to help pilots keep track of timed approaches, fuel tank changes, or the myriad of other time-dependent cockpit tasks. The function is count down, with an audio announcement at 1-minute and a final alert at the timer expiration. For pilots who want to record elapsed flight time or some other event, the PMA450A does that too. “Look in many cockpits and you’ll see a dime-store egg timer stuck to the panel”, continues Scheuer, “Not anymore, and you get the benefit of visual and audio clues”.

* PMA8000G adds Monitor Mode and front panel control of Bluetooth® Device.

Our popular monitor mode has been added to the PMA8000G. Even though the PMA8000G has our IntelliAudio®, pilots sometimes prefer a hard cutoff of the secondary radio. This capability allows the pilot to listen to two communications radios, and will automatically mute the secondary radio when the primary radio, selected for transmitting, becomes active. In this way, the pilot can listen to the terminal weather or CTAF, and still be alerted when there is radio traffic from ATC.

PMA8000G can connect to three different devices at the same time, a phone, an iPad, and a digital camera or other Bluetooth® enabled receiving devices. Now the pilot can choose to just stream aircraft audio or everything the pilot hears to these while still listening to streaming music or connecting to a phone. There is even an easy way to change the volume of the streamed audio level, a must when connecting to various devices.

And if these new capabilities aren’t enough to convince pilots that PS Engineering has an audio panel that would be a fit their mission, PS Engineering recently reduced pricing on all PMA8000 series and now include the PS Streamer as standard equipment in the PMA8000G and the PMA450A. As always, the PS Engineering Bluetooth® enabled audio panels allow simultaneous connection to both a telephone, a tablet for music or aviation EFB application alert such as ForeFlight and streamed audio can be sent from the cockpit to recording devices like compatible GoPro cameras out to another device. .

About the PMA450A

The most advanced of PS Engineering’s audio panels is also the easiest to use, thanks to a crisp display and intuitive controls.

The PMA450A uses Digital Signal Processing to create IntelliAudio®; the USAF licensed and patented technology originally designed for fighter pilots inundated with multiple audio signals. Now this amazing function is available to the General Aviation Pilot.

IntelliAudio ® gives the pilot the ability to pay attention to the radio which is most important to their flight at any instant in time. The pilot can place Com 1 and Com 2 in any one of 9 unique positions within a stereo headset. Just like being at a cocktail party, the pilot can pay attention to the conversation that is important and ignore the rest.

Using OLED technology, the large display not only makes it possible to view the display from any angle, but makes the soft-key graphic user interface even easier to use. The PMA450A can display caller identification, and the radio playback function shows which communication radio stored each message. The USB-C charger also brings more power to the pilot. This port can provide up to 15 Watts, 33% more power than a standard USB charging port.

The three soft-key user interface is unprecedented for audio control panels. With more and more capability provided by our audio panels, we found it necessary to create an easier and intuitive way of accessing the various configurations. With on screen text, the pilot will be able to get full functionality from the panel without ever having to open up the pilot guide.

About the PMA8000G

The PMA8000G marks another major milestone in the company’s innovative history. This audio panel has significant advancement in audio panel technologies. With flightmate®, and the Bluetooth Streamer, it will fit pilots who expect more from their audio panel while not adding any additional workload.

The PMA8000G is a natural choice for pilots who demand ease of use with a deep set of audio panel capabilities. IntelliAudio ® is standard in the PMA8000G, and makes listening to multiple radio calls manageable. With Com 1 in the 10 o’clock position and Com 2 in the 2 o’clock position, pilots can pay attention to the radio that is most important at any one instant of time. The PMA8000G includes a USB Charging port that delivers 10 watts of charging power for Personal Electronic Devices.

About PS Engineering Founded in 1985, PS Engineering has become a leading manufacturer of general aviation intercoms and audio control systems. The company’s sole corporate focus is excellence in the design and manufacture of audio control systems for General Aviation Aircraft. PS Engineering is credited for many innovations in the field, including Multi-talker®, IntelliVox®, Softmute™, Karaoke Mode™, Split mode™, Swap Mode™, and the IRS™(Internal Recording System). With a network of over 600 authorized dealer/installers worldwide, the company is a leader in retrofit avionics as well as a supplier to other major avionics manufacturers for their audio panel requirements. # # # Page 3 –PS Engineering adds features to the premier audio panels

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