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PS Engineering increases headquarters

Lenoir City TN - Due to a strong demand and incremental business increases, aviation electronics manufacturer PS Engineering has found it necessary to add over 7,000 square feet of production area to their 1-acre site in Lenoir City.

This summer, the company relocated to a building adjacent to the their former facility located on Martel Road. The newly remodeled building is almost twice the size of the old one. The original building is vacant, but will be retained for future growth.

"We are no longer tripping over each other," said Mark Scheuer, company president, "we finally have room to move around, and new places to put the new employees. We have space for dedicated engineering labs and more efficient work groups, as well as our electronic assembly machines."

Since the relocation, PS Engineering has added more than 20% to the workforce, in entry level assembly and technical positions.

Also pleased with the new quarters is Vice President of Marketing, Gary Picou, "The company has tremendous momentum, with agreements to provide audio control products to most of the leading aircraft manufacturers. This expansion allows us to maintain and increase the momentum as new products are added."

Founded in 1985, PS Engineering has become a leading manufacturer of general aviation intercoms and audio control systems. With a network of 600 dealers worldwide, the company projects continued strong growth and success in this industry well into the new millennium.

Gary Picou
PS Engineering, Inc.
9800 Martel Road
Lenoir City, TN 37772
Phone (865) 988-9800 - FAX (865) 988-6619

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