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PS Engineering in Inc. Partners with EFIS Manufacturer GRT Avionics !

PS Engineering, Inc Partners with EFIS Manufacturer GRT Avionics

Lenoir City, TN. July 19, 2013: Today’s homebuilder, already facing a balance between price and performance for avionics suites, is now confronting a new dilemma: Lack of panel space. Thanks to the popularity of ever-larger "glass cockpit" MFD and PFD displays, available panel space is being gobbled up quickly. To solve this, PS Engineering, Inc. announces the PAC15EX, with initial offering of this integrated audio system by GRT Avionics. This is arguably the most cost-effective audio panel/intercom combination ever available.

The GRT HXr electronic flight instrumentation system is a significant improvement over the legendary GRT Horizon I series of EFIS systems. The HXr features a large, bright 10.4" or 12.1" screen-- a beautiful display that encourages the use of remotely-mounted avionics through its sheer size alone, but the dedicated remote avionics control suite also makes using remotely-mounted devices a practical choice for pilots. More buttons also means a flatter menu structure, meaning pilots can access more functions with fewer button pushes, including autopilot, navigation, and screen view controls.

In addition to the PAC15EX audio panel/intercom, the HXr is capable of controlling several models of transponders and other devices through its remote interface.

According to PS-Engineering vice-president, Gary Picou, “With the audio panel mounted out of the way, GRT’s flat user-menu gives the pilot all of the capabilities of a panel mounted audio panel without that precious panel space being used, or multiple menu pages being viewed.”

“Additionally,” continues Mr. Picou, “in developing the PAC15EX, we have been able to find ways to reduce our manufacturing and parts cost. We found that the commonality with our panel mounted audio panels gave us more leverage in many areas, further benefitting the cost-conscious homebuilder market.

The PAC15EX is sold by GRT Avionics and is exclusive to the homebuilt/experimental/Light Sport Aviation market. It’s unique features and capabilities includes our legendary 4-place hi-fi stereo IntelliVox® intercom, wired telephone interface, two stereo music input changes, and the ability to place the audio panel into split mode, a function that can help off-load some pilot radio communications work.

“Working with PS Engineering has been a great opportunity to see first hand what a great audio panel can do to the overall quality of the flight experience," said Greg Toman, president and co-founder of GRT Avionics. "Their automatic VOX works like magic and the ability to access all of its capability from our HXr system makes the KISS principle fully implemented.”

Although the PAC15EX has been designed and built to same quality standards as our FAA-approved units, the ability to forgo the expensive hardware and software certification process allows the PAC15EX to save the builder not only space, but money.

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