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PS Engineering announces audio control compact disc package

Lenoir City TN April 9, 2001 - PS Engineering has taken another step in the logical application of technology in audio control. The company has re-invented two of their most popular products and integrated them into a system creating an unprecedented level of synergy.

The new system, called PMA7000MS-CD, is composed of a restyled PMA7000MS audio panel and a modified PCD7100-Series player to create an extremely versatile audio panel with a remote-controlled compact disc player. The single-disk player is controlled by the PMA7000MS-CD, eliminating the pushbuttons on the CD player itself. This reduces panel space requirements by 25%, not to mention cost reductions.

Company president Mark Scheuer described the reasoning for the system, "When we launched the PCD7100 last year, many people asked for a combination audio panel/CD player unit. There are lots of practical reasons why the entertainment doesn't need to share the same chassis with the audio control system, not the least of which is panel space. But designing a system to share technologies would facilitate the miniaturizing of the overall system, making it smaller and less costly to produce." "After all," continues Scheuer, "this system gives the pilot the best of both worlds; small size and easy crew access to entertainment controls."

To make room for the CD controls, the rotary switch was eliminated in favor of a push button transceiver selector. It also sports the controls for the compact disk player. The archaic DME and ADF buttons were also dropped (although the audio inputs are still functional).

The split mode, pioneered by PS Engineering, is still available, but now uses an intuitive push button selection. To make operation simpler, Com 1 priority is provided to the pilot, in split mode, with copilot selection of Com 2 or 3. The audio panel has concentric volume controls, one for intercom volume, and another for music volume in the crew positions. The PMA7000MS-CD retains the dual independent music sources. These can be paralleled to the remote CD player if desired. The telecommunications distribution in the PMA7000MS-CD has also been improved by adding a full-duplex interface to aviation-standard impedance. This allows distribution of AirCell conversations, providing the ability for private telephone calls by the pilot or copilot, or party line calls with the passengers and/or crew, using Com 3. The unit can be easily configured for either AirCell or standard Com 3 radio interface.

The PMA7000MS-CD now has four unswitched and unmuted inputs. This adds flexibility when installed with today's advanced warning systems, like Skywatch or TAWS.

"I'm particularly excited because this system gives end-to-end control." Added PS Engineering's Vice President of Technical Services, Gary Picou, "We can not only control the quality of the music source, but equally importantly, we have a certified system. We now have an IFE system that has demonstrated compliance with approval process in the TSO. This included EMI and RFI radiation and susceptibility, as well as environmental and crashworthiness considerations. The PMA7000MS-CD system is the safest form of in flight entertainment to date."

The list price for the complete package of PMA7000MS-CD is $2,295, and an optional digital recording system for aircraft radio is available for $129.95. The system is FAA-approved as an audio system. The PMA7000MS-CD is now shipping. Founded in 1985, PS Engineering has become a leading manufacturer of general aviation intercoms and audio control systems. With a network of over 600 dealers worldwide, the company projects continued strong growth and success in this industry.

Gary Picou
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