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PMA8000B Silver Edition Our Best Audio Panel Gets Improved!

Lenoir City, Tenn: PS Engineering continues to show the strength of 25 years in the intercom/audio panel business, with a host of improvements for its flagship audio panel, the PMA8000B. New for this device on the company’s silver anniversary are: Monitor Mode Multiple Music Muting Modes, user-selectable Telephone sidetone, and Music for the pilot in ISO mode.

“As is our custom for the last quarter-century, we have been listening closely to our customers,” said founder of the 25-year old company Mark Scheuer, “They offer suggestions every time we get close to them, at air shows, on the phone, owner group web sites, and of course by email. These utility enhancements are the direct results of dozens of customer interactions over the years that the PMA8000-series has been shipping.”

The Monitor mode is probably the most significant product improvement that has been made to the PMA8000B since it was introduced almost last 3 years ago. This new function allows the pilot to designate one com radio as primary, while having the second com as the secondary audio source. When there is radio activity on the primary radio, the secondary com radio will temporarily mute. According to 20-year company veteran General Manager Randy Beavers, “When you are getting a recorded weather broadcast, and ATC wants to speak with you, it is nice to have that less important audio drop off during the conversation.” The Monitor mode will change your IFR approach environment, eliminating having to try to decipher two simultaneous radio receptions.

The new multiple music muting modes allows the user to have the SoftMute™ of the entertainment system activated by intercom conversation, radio traffic, both, or not at all, infamously known as Karaoke Mode™. “Instead of just mute on or mute off, this new function gives the pilot the ability to decide, on the fly, how the music will mute,” continued Beavers.

Due to the wide variety of cellular telephones, PS Engineering has now made the selection of Cell phone sidetone a user control. Greg Ledbetter, Manufacturing and Test Manager (a 17-year employee), said, “Since there is a tremendous amount of variation from one cell phone to another, it is impossible to know if the cell phone will provide sidetone while interfaced to our audio panel. In the past, this configuration selection had to be performed by the avionics installer but this new enhancement allows the pilot to control cell phone sidetone being heard or not by front panel control.”

According to Gary Picou, Vice President at PS Engineering for 12 years, “The enhanced PMA8000B has the ability to provide music to the pilot, even while in the isolate mode. This gives the pilot new freedom to shut out the jabbering passengers, while continuing to listen to tunes, concentrating on the business of flying. We pay attention to how these products are really being used, and what the pilots really want sometimes is peaceful isolation with their favorite music to keep boredom out of the picture.”

Even with the addition of these “Silver Edition” features, the price remains the same $1895.00 for PMA8000B, $2095.00 for the MP3 version). Enhanced units start March 1st, 2010. To learn more about the PMA8000B Series visit

Founded in 1985, PS Engineering has become a leading manufacturer of general aviation intercoms and audio control systems. The company’s sole corporate focus is excellence in the design and manufacture of audio control systems for General Aviation Aircraft. PS Engineering is credited for many innovations in the field, including IntelliVox®, Softmute™, Karaoke Mode™, Split mode™, Swap Mode™, and the IRS™(Internal Recording System). With a network of over 600 authorized dealer/installers worldwide, the company is a leader in retrofit avionics as well as a supplier to other major avionics manufacturers for their audio panel requirements. # # #

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