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PMA8000B Bring New Programable Functionality and Front Panel Jack!


PS Engineering has again demonstrated its forward thinking, adding value and utility to the lauded PMA8000B audio panel by installing a utility interface on the FRONT of the unit and by adding Smart Function Keys (SFK), allowing pilots to customize their audio panel. The front-mounted, 2.5mm multipurpose jack will give pilots unprecedented access to their audio panel by allowing connection of a cell phone, portable music devices, or audio announcements directly into the audio panel. Not only have PS Engineering's designers added the jack to the panel, but new audio panel configuration controls are now available from the front panel, making the PMA8000B the most flexible audio panel in the world.

According to company president Mark Scheuer, these new capabilities are a direct result of recent advances in avionics for situational awareness as well as new pilot requirements. "When I recently flew with my new GARMIN GPS396, I recognized the need for a convenient way to hook up its audio output. Adding a front panel utility jack to the PMA8000B that would allow inputs from the 396 as well as an iPod, cell phone, or other audio advisory devices just made logical sense." PS Engineering incorporated some "smarts" with this new jack. When used as an entertainment input, the music is directed to the crew, and PS Engineering's patented SoftMute(tm) functions normally. Our original "Karaoke Mode"(tm) can be activated by pressing the front panel "Mute" button, allowing the music to be placed in the background while interruptions to the music will be eliminated. However, if the aircraft has a panel mounted music device and it is active, the PMA8000B changes the front jack for advisory messages. These alert messages are not muted, and presented to the crew headphones only.

The PMA8000B utility jack also is a convenient way to connect your cellular telephone. The 2.5 mm jack is the same size as on most cellular phones, making the connection easy. When connected to a telephone and the pilot pushes the "TEL" button on the PMA8000B, our "Du-tel"(tm) system goes online. Anyone who is on the intercom is on the phone, taking advantage of the ISO, ALL and Crew Isolation intercom modes. Best of all, the pilot can receive and transmit on the selected VHF COM with ATC as well, for seamless integration in the cockpit. (Cellular telephone use in flight is not permitted, but remains a convenient and safe way to contact air-traffic control or a weather briefer while on the ground.)

PS Engineering has devoted considerable effort in not only providing the pilot a means of customizing his audio panel to meet his particular needs, but also in making these new SFK functions easy to implement. There's no need to learn a complicated sequence of key presses thanks to our revolutionary Virtual Tech Support (VTS). VTS voice prompts each special function selection assuring that the pilot knows exactly what the new audio panel configuration is, in plain English.

Several audio panel configurations are available using SFK. The music source from the front jack or from a panel mounted music device can be directed to all persons on the intercom, or the second music can be activated in crew, or, the dual inputs can be independent. This not only allows users of earlier versions such as the PMA6000 or GMA340 to keep the same type of music switching, but also allows the occupants to customize their music environment "on the fly." Another function is that the front utility jack, or rear-input music can be directed to all intercom positions regardless of the intercom mode. Yet another function is the ability to default the front panel jack to act as an unswitched input, perfect for audio alert signals. No audio panel from any manufacturer offers this kind of flexibility.

PS Engineering's innovative Internal Recording System (IRS) is now included as standard equipment. Originally a $130 option, it is now part of the audio package, allowing pilots to play back messages, eliminating the need for the pilot to request "say again," or assure themselves that the last radio call was for them. The playback button is now located on the front panel too. Press the selected audio switch and the last recorded message will sound. Up to 16 messages can be recorded and played back in sequence.

The new PMA8000B is backward compatible with our PMA8000 as well as a direct replacement for the GARMIN GMA340. List price on the PMA8000B is unchanged, $1995, including the IRS. Due to the nature of the mechanical changes, PS Engineering cannot upgrade or trade in existing units.

By the time you read this, the new PMA8000B will be shipping to dealers.

# # # * GARMIN is a registered trademark of Garmin, Ltd. PS Engineering, Inc. is in no way affiliated with Garmin, LTD. * Use of the front panel jack is restricted to advisory information only, from portable systems. Signals required for certified equipment must be interface in accordance with their specific installation manuals.

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