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PMA7000B Best Audio Panel Value Yet

Lenoir City, TN
What do you do when you have the best audio panel in the world? You make it better! After nearly four years of production for the PS Engineering flagship PMA7000-Series, the company has rolled a number of product options into a single unit. Called the PMA7000B, this version incorporates the most requested features of the PMA7000M-S and PMA7000MS-CD.

According to company Vice President Gary Picou, "We have learned a lot in the last few years from our customers, and we have seen some requirements change. We think it's time to expand on our feature set."

The all push-button control for the transceivers adds flexibility to the product while reducing complexity. The reduced cost is also passed to the consumer, as a $100 reduction in the list price.

The PMA7000B features:

  • Push button control for ease of use and conforming appearance
  • IntelliVox® intercom for 6 places, expandable to 10-places
  • Full duplex mode for AirCell® interface or other wireless with DuTel™
  • Pin compatible replacement for KMA24
  • Slide in replacement for PMA6000S/PMA7000
  • 3 transceiver capable
  • Split modes for Com 1, 2 and 3.
  • Patented Swap mode
  • Dual, independent music input with SoftMute™
  • Dual volume controls (pilot and copilot, plus passengers)
  • Optional Digital Recording Aural Warning System (DRAWS)
Among the features incorporated in the PMA7000B is the ability to interface with AirCell or almost any cellular telephone that allows the use of a hands free device. The use of cellular telephones is legal on the ground. Now the pilot or copilot can have the convenience of making private phone calls using their headset, or join in a party line call with the passengers.

In addition, individual volume controls are now provide to allow the crew and passengers to tune in their own intercom volumes.

With the advent of more external audio signals now available to the pilot, we have added two more unswitched inputs. These are available to provide audio inputs critical audio information, such as traffic or ground proximity warning, as well as GPS and autopilot alerts. Historically audio panels only had two, which limited the flexibility in additional equipment.

"We didn't change the foundation, "Said VP of Engineering Steve Hudson, "The performance, including the basis for the TSO certification, is identical to the field proven, PMA7000MS. What we have done is fold in capabilities that our customers wanted, and that made sense for our products.

"Historically, the "B" versions have been the pinnacle of product development and maturity. Units like the KX170B and Mark 12B represent the most popular, most refined examples of their type. This is an ambitious standard we intend to keep with the PMA7000B."

List price for the PMA7000B is $1,895. including Marker Beacon receiver. Shipments of the FAA- approved unit will begin in May 2002.

Founded in 1985, PS Engineering has become a leading manufacturer of general aviation intercoms and audio control systems. With a network of over 600 dealers worldwide, the company provides an audio solution for almost any general aviation requirement.

Gary Picou
PS Engineering, Inc.
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