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PAV80 Gains STC Pedigree, Includes over 600 Aircraft on Approved Model List (AML)

Lenoir City, TN - PS Engineering, Inc. has gained STC/PMA on what may be arguably, the most affordable, most capable In-Flight Entertainment system ever available for the General Aviation pilot. After receiving FAA-Approval under the Supplemental Type Certification process (STC SA2707AT) on September 04, 2003, PS Engineering, Inc. opened the floodgates to the shipments of a large backorder of orders.

STC approval gives recognition that the PAV80 is appropriate for installation, and is proven safe for the electrical and environmental conditions typical in aircraft. With the approval of PS Engineering, Inc.'s data package, allows the company's dealer network to install the new product in certified aircraft.

"With our previous experience with the STC process with the recently certified PXE7300 IFE system, we already had an understanding what is expected by the FAA to gain approval" said Vice President of Technical Services, Gary Picou. "Having gained the installation data in a PA28-181, as well as the electrical and environmental performance criteria on this system, we satisfied not only ourselves but the FAA that the PAV80 would not affect safety of flight and meet the standards of our industry"

Company President Mark Scheuer stated "Not only did our team work toward and gain this approval, they also lead the way in achieving a list of aircraft that can be shown to be similar to the installation aircraft data, that PS Engineering, Inc. was also allowed the use of a submitted Approved Model List (AML) of more than 600 aircraft, including King Airs, TBM-700 and PC-12.

"One of the firsts that the PAV80 offers, "Continues Scheuer", is its ability to work multi-tasking. This is a huge advancement, allowing one unit to perform more than one function at a time. For example, the passengers in back could be watching their favorite DVD video while the crew can relax to soothing FM music. Or the crew can listen to their MP3 player while the kids in the back can use the video system to listen and play their favorite video arcade game." The PAV80 was designed from the ground up for the aircraft cockpit. With the included remote controller, the passengers can autonomously control the DVD player, never having to interrupt the crew from their flying chores. Even the volume for the passengers can be independently controlled by this remote! It was designed by pilots for pilots, and incorporates the most asked-for features in an AM/FM/CD/MP3/DVD system.

The PAV80 features:

  • 2-inch tall panel-mounted unit
  • Plays CD, MP3, PM3Pro, CD-R and RW disks, and DVD
  • AM/FM Stereo radio receiver
  • No external antenna needed.
  • Remote control for all functions of system
  • Vibration-resistant Disc player
  • LED display matches other avionics
  • No RFI emissions to interfere with communications or other avionics
  • FM receiver designed to prevent VOR interference
  • Radio search function with front panel sensitivity adjustment
  • Push-button or rotary knob track selection
  • Data display
  • Auxiliary input for NTSC or S-Video
  • Auxiliary Audio input for additional audio capability
  • 1-year warranty if installed by PS Engineering dealer
"For many reasons, what we don't believe using automotive decks is appropriate for avionics," Said Gary Picou, VP of Technical Services," and Safety is the biggest issue for us. We design and build all of our products to the same tough standards as our peers build their avionics, tighter in some cases! This STC is significant, because it shows that the FAA agrees our PAV80 is safe and suitable for airplanes."
Founded in 1985, PS Engineering has become a leading manufacturer of general aviation intercoms and audio control systems. With a network of over 600 authorized dealer/installers worldwide, the company is a leader in retrofit avionics as well as original aircraft equipment installation.

Gary Picou
PS Engineering, Inc.
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