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New PMA7000BT is a direct replacement for all PMA7000 series !

In 1997, PS Engineering, Inc. received their first patent that catapulted the little company as truly the innovator of cockpit audio. The PMA7000M-S was the launch system of the patented IntelliVox® that was the first fully automatic VOX intercom.

Companies like Beechcraft, Cessna, Piper, Mooney, SOCATA, and many others selected this revolutionary system as their standard audio panel. It was a game changer for the company, and the general aviation industry. In celebrating their 30th anniversary this year, PS Engineering, Inc. is announcing a Plug ‘N Play upgrade audio panel for all series of the PMA7000 and the Apollo SL-15.

While these panels continue to work well in the field as they were designed, the new PMA7000BT will provide pilots an inexpensive way to upgrade their old PMA7000 with a panel that includes the benefits on integrated Bluetooth® connectivity.

Bluetooth® integration makes a tremendous amount of sense for the cockpit. The number one complaint of pilots in the past was the “Spaghetti Factor” of all of the wires associated with the intercoms. These wires were a nuisance in the cockpit. With the vast capabilities of the iPad®, iPhone®, Android, and other Bluetooth® enabled products, the PMA7000BT allows a seamless way to connect to these devices for telephone and music distribution.

The biggest benefit is that there is no re-wiring required, just a slide-out and slide-in operation with a simple log book entry required.

The PMA7000BT has a $1595 list price, and is available for delivery now. Since this unit is intended as a replacement unit, an installation kit is not included.

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