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Homebuilders now have an audio panel for Experimental Aircraft with IntelliAudio® !

PS Engineering, Inc. has been innovating new products for aircraft audio for many years. This new product fills a void in the higher end audio panel market that are designed exclusively for the experimental aircraft.

The PDA360EX provides access to the new technology known as IntelliAudio® while at the same time reducing the cost and optimizing operation for the hombuilder. Work on the PDA360EX began shortly after the introduction of the FAA-Approved PMA450 Audio Panel during AirVenture 2014.

Mark Scheuer, Founder and CEO of the company said “The response to our Dimensional Sound (IntelliAudio®) has been phenomenal, but the certified PMA450 has more functionality than the homebuilders needed”. The average homebuilder does not need Marker Beacon Receiver, loudspeaker amplifier or use of more than a 4 seat intercom. Eliminating non-necessary capabilities helps to reduce the cost of this uncertified audio panel.

The Company’s goal for this audio panel was to provide the ultimate audio panel for the experimental aircraft. Capability such as IntelliAudio®, IntelliVox®, Bluetooth®, and USB® charger are all standard. The PDA360EX delivers performance!

Using Digital Signal Processing, the PDA360EX processes audio from multiple com radios and allows the pilot to place Com 1 and Com 2 audio in nine (9) unique positions within a stereo headset. IntelliAudio® helps the pilot to listen to the radio of importance while ignoring the other. Much like being at a cocktail party, one can pay attention to one conversation while ignoring the others that don’t pertain to them.

The PDA360EX also employees IntelliVox®. This auto-squelch completely eliminates the need for intercom squelch controls. IntelliVox® automatically discerns the audio presented to the microphones as voice or noise. If it’s voice, it opens up instantaneously, if its noise, the VOX remains closed. The consensus of the GA community, IntelliVox® “works like magic” and continues to be one of the significant inventions from PS Engineering.

The Bluetooth® implementation in the PDA360EX takes advantage of advanced capabilities of this wireless interface. Used for both entertainment and telephone, the new system provides caller ID, cell phone battery status, plus front panel control of both sidetone and volume control. And unlike other systems, the pilot can answer the phone by simply pressing the Answer button on the PDA360EX.

To accommodate the increased popularity of mobile personal electronic devices, such PDAs, iPhones, and iPads, the PDA360EX has a built-in 10 Watt USB Smart charger. This internal device will handle normal loads as well as recognize if there is a short. If a short circuit occurs in the cable, the charger shuts down the output automatically. There are no fuses, it’s done electronically!

The PDA360EX is plug-and-play with the PMA5000EX and the GARMIN® GMA240 so the amount of time to replace an existing system is negligible, helping to further reduce the cost of upgrading. List price of the PDA360EX is $1995 and units are available for immediate delivery from authorized PS Engineering dealers.

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