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A Revolution that is SIRIUS

Knoxville, TN. - PS Engineering, Inc., is once again revolutionizing what was once an often-ignored part of the avionics suite, the audio selector panel. Building on the strength of 20 years of innovative designs, the PMA8000-SR makes a paradigm shift of SIRIUS proportions.

The PMA8000-SR is an aircraft audio selector panel that includes all of the current audio panel functions, plus functions such as split mode, a dedicated cellular telephone interface (DuTel(tm)), a 6-place high-fidelity stereo IntelliVOX(r) intercom with dual independent music inputs, a marker beacon receiver, and now, a built-in SIRIUS Satellite receiver!

With over 120 channels of entertainment, including 65 channels of 100% commercial-free music available from coast to coast, SIRIUS is the ideal satellite radio for general aviation. Owner-flown aircraft can make long cross- country flights and enjoy their favorite SIRIUS programming.

Dual entertainment inputs for the PMA8000-SR allow the passengers in back to listen to SIRIUS programming, or play their own CD/DVD. Meanwhile the crew in front can catch up on the latest news; with over 55 channels of world-class sports, news, talk and information including coverage of NFL and NBA games.

Pilots are demanding the performance, utility and benefits of our audio panels, and have been asking for integrated In-flight Entertainment. The PMA8000-SR does it all, and is pin for pin retrofit compatible with the GARMIN GMA340. Having the cosmetic look and feel that blends well with a GARMIN stack, the pilot gains our acclaimed IntelliVox(r) automatic squelch system and now, can add IFE that completely eliminates the hassles of wires, batteries, and the need to mount yet another portable device in the cockpit.

The PMA8000-SR incorporates a "SoftMute(tm)" circuit that automatically mutes the music when there is a radio call, and then smoothly restores the music level. A front panel control gives the pilot the ability to enter into the "Karaoke" mode, allowing the pilot to listen to the music in the background.

A full duplex TEL mode allows the pilot access to a cellular or portable satellite telephone. Using the intercom mode switch, various configurations allow individuals or groups to be placed on the phone, while the pilot remains connected to the communications radios.

The internal SIRIUS Satellite Radio has a set of controls on the audio panel's front panel as well as a full function infrared remote controller, incorporating a unique voice prompting audio annunciation system so the pilot can determine what function and channel is selected. Finally, an antenna is also included which is designed to be mounted on top of the glare shield.

An optional digital aircraft radio recorder (IRS) gives the pilot an extra set of ears. The next time you hear a call and are not quite sure if it was for you, or what was said, a press of the playback button will give that second chance that wasn't possible in the past.

SIRIUS Radio subscriptions are $12.95 per month, or as low as $6.99 per month for up to 3 more multiple subscriptions, and are only available to residents of the 48 contiguous United States and Canada.

Deliveries are expected to begin first quarter, 2005

(Note: In highly densely populated cities, temporary satellite drop may occur)

* GARMIN is a registered trademark of Garmin, Ltd. PS Engineering, Inc. is in no way affiliated with Garmin, LTD. Page 2 -PS Engineering offers SIRIUS Satellite Radio integrated into avionics suite.

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