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The Muse ®
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It's Muse'k To Your Ears

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PS Engineering, Inc's The MuseŽ, as simple and low cost way of interfacing your favorite entertainment device into your aviation headset. The MuseŽ is a miniature Personal Music Device (PMD) that allows connection of an entertainment source directly to your headset without complicated wiring or permanent installation--no rocket science here. About the size of a 9-Volt battery, The MuseŽ mates with stereo or mono headsets and has no effect on radio transmissions or intercom functions.

Using The MuseŽ is simplicity itself. It has no power switch because its music sensing circuits detect when it is in use; this dramatically improves battery life and makes it impossible to forget to turn it off. The only control on the PMD determines the muting scheme.The MuseŽ uses PS Engineering's highly rated Soft Mute circuitry. With Soft Mute on, the music is immediately decreased in volume level whenever the aircraft radio or intercom becomes active, and then gradually returns back to full volume.

Just because The MuseŽ is simple doesn't mean it lacks capability. The MuseŽ provides amplified stereo sound to your headsets, which means that even low-powered music inputs  will sound clear and crisp, in even the noisiest environments. Its frequency response is greater than virtually all current general aviation headsets available today and is only limited by your entertainment source.

The MuseŽ list price:  $349.95


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