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Intercoms come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. The reason we have so many different ones to choose from is because not all cockpits are created equal. Some are FAA approved, some are built for the experimenters. Some have mono music inputs, some are stereo units. Select the one that is best for you.



PM1000II Most popular of our intercoms because of the individual volume and squelch controls, as well as moderate price.

PM3000 Hi-fi stereo intercom provides "karaoke mode™" as well as four or six place capability.




PM1200 – Specialty intercom intended for use in open cockpit aircraft and extremely loud aircraft.
Incorporates "AMP" and "IntelliVox®" circuits.


PM500EX Entry level intercom for low noise environments. For the experimental aircraft.


aerocom III – The 3rd generation of the intercom that started it all. 2 place IntelliVox« portable with 2 place expansion capability.


NOTE: Wire harnesses are not included

                                                      Two place portable,
hi-fi stereo intercom
Soft Mute andá IntelliVOX®.
Learn more about the Aerocom«III
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