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Because we engineer quality into our products, we have demonstrated extreme reliability and back up our warranty with the best in warranty support

And because we do make reliable products, we are able to provide the avionics industry's best warranty support for all of our products. Our ProSupport Warranty program almost completely eliminates painful downtime. When the product is under warranty (depending upon the model, warranty periods varies from 1 to 3 years) and was installed by an authorized PS Engineering dealer (or a custom wire harness has been  purchased from PS Engineering or an approved dealer) when a Return Merchandise Authority (RMA) number has been provided to the PS Engineering dealer from our support staff, a warranty exchange unit with like serial number will be sent out. 

We even pay for Over Night Shipping during the first year period.

See our Warranty Statement for more details.

With ProSupport a replacement unit will be it's the way

Our promise of Guaranteed Warranty Exchanges to be shipped out the day we get the call. (by 4:00PM EST) has been kept since we rolled out the ProSupport Warranty program in 1995. Our customers and dealers have come to depend upon us not only to make the most innovative products, but the most reliable as well.

Out of Warranty Support

And when your PS Engineering product becomes out of warranty, a REASONABLE flat repair fee is also guaranteed.  They are the lowest in the business:

Audio Panels: $199.95

Intercoms: $99.95

Out of Warranty Product Exchange is also available. Pricing available upon request.

So when you select on of our products, you have the support of a company that is widely known as to provide the best product, for the best price, with the best after sale support.

Out of Production Support

For Out-Of-Production products, we have implemented a cost savings program that no longer looks at the number of year of being obsolete, but rather a policy that gives options to the customer.

We no charge a non-refundable repair quotation fee of $199 for audio panels and $99 for intercoms. Once the unit is returned to the factory with the supplied Return Merchandise Authority number (RMA) the unit will be brought to the repair station and torn down. An exact of repair time, including parts, will be determined and this information will be relayed to the customer. If the customer decides to move forward with the repair, the repair quote along with the non-refundable repair quotation fee will be the some to repair.

If the customer decides that the repair fee makes it non-economical to repair, the customer can take the $199 non-refundable quotation fee and apply it to the purchase of a  new PS Engineering product.

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