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PS Engineering takes prides in being considered the innovative leader in aircraft audio control systems. Their engineers have once again demonstrated their commitment to cockpit audio control enhancements. The PMA450 will improve radio communications as well as usher in a new approach to the user interface control. 

Check list of capabilities:

  • 6-place IntelliVox® automatic VOX hi-fi stereo intercom

  • IntelliAudio® True Dimensional Sound simplifies listening to com radios at the same time

  • Enhanced Bluetooth® capability that includes Caller ID, complete control of the telephone from the audio panel front panel and music streaming capability.

  • Enhanced Digital Aircraft Radio Recorder with display of Com and message number that is being played back

  • 3-Softkey User Interface integrated with Graphics Display allows intuitive operation of all of the advanced functions

  • USB Charging Port provides up to 10 Watts of power with Auto-Protection preventing electrical shorts from being an issue. 

  • 3-User definable switched inputs

  • Monitor Mode allows automatic muting of non-primary radio 

  • 3 - music mute modes: Mute On, Mute Off, Radio Mute 

  • Volume control for Intercom, Speaker, Marker Beacon Audio, 3 Switched Inputs, Telephone, and all Music Inputs 

  • Built-in Marker Beacon Receiver

  • Front panel control of telephone side tone 

  • Split mode for dual audio panel capability

  • 2 - Differential, hi-fidelity stereo music source inputs (no ground loop noise)

  • 3 - Isolation modes - Pilot Isolate, All, and Crew

  • 4 - unswitched inputs

  • Selectable music distribution for pilot, copilot and passengers

  • Selectable intercom mode with special "Alternate Intercom Mode"

  • RAM (Radio Active Mute) eliminates constant back ground noise from radio static

  • 2-year Pro-Support Warranty

The all new PMA450 brings to the pilot a new invention, thanks to the cooperative efforts of the United States Air Force. What Air Force pilots know as Multi-talker, we call IntelliAudio®.

A digital communications interface, IntelliAudio® places Com 1 and Com 2 audio in various positions within the stereo headset, making simultaneous radio signals sound as if they are coming from different locations. Com 1 and Com 2 audio can be placed in 9 unique positions, making it easier for the pilot to concentrate on the radio of choice while ignoring the radio of lesser importance at the time. For example, the pilot can choose to pay attention to ATC while ignoring ATIS, depending upon what is pertinent at the moment. 

Even though the PMA450 is the most advanced audio panel yet, it is very easy to use. Access to the advanced capabilities as well as initial audio panel setup is all accomplished by the pilot through just three soft-keys and a graphic display interface. This approach is the ultimate in intuitive operation, nearly eliminating the need for an operator's manual; it's all on the screen.

The PMA450 IntelliVox® automatic VOX system, invented by PS Engineering in 1997, provides both pilots and passengers with intercom squelch control. By consensus of the GA community, IntelliVox® “works like magic” and eliminates the need for any manual adjustments to the intercom squelch.

Digital control of the hi-fi stereo audio system allowed PS Engineering’s designers a tremendous amount of flexibility, ranging from music distribution, volume control for just about every input, and the ability to customize labeling of specialized switched input signals.

Another much sought-after capability is PMA450’s Bluetooth® implementation. This wireless system connects various Bluetooth® enabled devices, providing a seamless connection to entertainment and telephone devices. The utility of using a phone comes into play when an IFR clearance is required at an uncontrolled airfield. With the din of the engine(s) and radios tuned and set, the phone can act as a third com for calling departure control.

The audio panel allows the pilot to make personalized adjustments to just about any and all of the audio inputs going into the audio panel; eliminating trips back to the avionics shop and providing settings that are just right for the pilot. There is no need to hook-up to a computer, saving time and money in the installation process.

In addition to the traditional Nav 1 and Nav 2 audio capabilities, The PMA450 offers three additional audio switched inputs that can be named to represent exactly what those inputs are being used for. For example, the pilot may want to be able to switch on and off audio annunciations like GPS waypoint alerts, AOA alerts, or other types of selectable audio signals.

With the increased popularity of mobile personal electronic devices, such as tablets, PDAs, iPhones, and iPads, the PMA450 has a built-in 10 Watt-USB charger. Never be stuck with a discharged personal mobile device in the cockpit again!

The PMA450 is plug-and-play with the PMA8000 series and the GARMIN® GMA340 so the amount of time to replace an existing system is negligible, helping to further reduce the cost of upgrading. 


List price for the PMA450 is  $2,395

List price for the PMA450 without Marker Beacon receiver $2,295

* GARMIN is a registered trademark of GARMIN, Ltd. PS Engineering, Inc. is in no way affiliated with GARMIN, LTD.  



We have created a couple of simulators so you can get the feel of the operation of the PMA450 as well as listen to what IntelliAudio will do for you. 

Click to download the PMA450 interactive simulator

After the installation is complete, find the Airplane Icon on your desktop which is labeled "PMA450 Simulator". To turn on the PMA450, left click on the "ON" that is in the middle of the left hand knob.

Click here to download the IntelliAudio® Simulator

After Installation, you will find a Headset Icon on your desktop labeled "IntelliAudio Simulator". While wearing a stereo headset, click on "Turn IntelliAudio ON" and then click on either Move Com 1 or Move Com 2 to place these audio signals in various positions within your headset.

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