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Digital Audio Control with MultiTalker™ Tames Critical Communications for Special Mission Pilots



Complete Avionics installation of our PAC45 in their customer's EC135

With the ability to place 6 different com audios in up to 9 unique positions within a stereo headset, a whole new way of discerning important radio traffic is now available to the special mission pilot. 

For the special mission pilot, where hearing many radios all at the same time is part of the job, and differentiating specific radio calls is not an easy task. That is until now.

MultiTalker™, a patented technology developed by the Wright Patterson Air Force and exclusively licensed to PS Engineering, allows the pilot (and crew)  to take advantage of what is sometimes referred to as the "Cocktail Party Effect".  In a room crowded with many different conversations, our brain has the ability to filter out the un-important conversations while allowing pilots to pay attention to the conversation that is. 

MultiTalker™ offers this unique capability to the special mission pilot, the ability to pay attention to the radio call that is important at any one instant in time. MultiTalker™ allows the pilot to place 6 individual com radio traffic, up to nine unique positions within a stereo headsets. 

The PAC45 is pin compatible with the NAT AMS series making upgrading replacing legacy systems easy. The only additional wiring required is to accommodate the stereo channels for MultiTalker™ operation and the various control heads, if required.

Many enhancements included in the PAC45 include a powerful headset audio amplifier, our high-performance IntelliVox® automatic VOX circuit for very loud environments and front panel selection of Push-To-Talk Intercom. Up to three control heads can be mounted in strategic locations while the Hub can be mounted directly to the pilot's control heads or mounted remotely.

Because this is an all digital audio controller, the connections to the various control heads are just a few wires, eliminating the need to parallel radio inputs and outputs. 

The ability to pre-record audio alerts makes this audio controller an integral tool to help hear alerts that may be drowned out by the din of the cockpit environment. There are no computers required to configure the PAC45 or to record the 3 audio alerts, it's all done from the front panel

The stereo audio amplifiers are capable of providing 100 milliwatts (mW) into general aviation headphones. According to PS Engineering's founder and president, “We asked helicopter pilots what they needed, they said they wanted more audio punch to get through the cockpit noise and an easy to use interface". The PAC45 delivers on all fronts. 

Using the PS Engineering Bezel Generator Application,  the bezel can be customized to suit perfectly each aircraft's special mission avionics suite. For example, a bezel could read Com 1, Com 2, VHF 1, VHF 2, FM 1, FM 2 and all of the various switched inputs can also be labeled accordingly. Ordering new decals for the bezel is as easy as using this bezel labeling configuration application.

The PAC45 features:


* AMS Series pin compatibility with a 1.88" DZUS mount  

* Up to three control heads (Pilot, Copilot, Mission observers) with single hub

* Multi-talker spatial processing for 6 COMs in 9 locations

* Up to 8 hi-fi stereo intercom positions

* Proven IntelliVox® high noise automatic VOX with high-noise mode and PTT-ICS

* Bluetooth® enabled for telephone and music streaming

* Full Duplex Satellite Telephone capable

* Audio output power of 100mW into stereo headsets

* Volume controls for all switched receivers

* Unlimited bezel legend nomenclature with dealer tool

* 4 un-switched inputs

* 3 triggers for custom alert annunciations independent of audio panel operation

* CVR output

* ICS Call functions

* Public Address

* Optional NVG Compliant (Aero Dynamix)  


Because the PAC45 employees MultiTalker technology, it is highly recommended that stereo helmets be used. Carbon microphones or equivalent must be used. If using military 8 ohm microphones, an adapter is required. 


Here is a list of companies that will modify helmets with either passive or active noise canceling. 574-293-0534 800-531-4898  800-876-3374 250-923-7599


Microphone converters can be purchased through


PAC45 - Includes a hub and single controller and standard bezel- List $6998  

NVG - List $7195

CTL45P - Remote Copilot Control Head and standard bezel - List $3399 

NVG - List $3599

CTL45M - Remote Observer Control Head and standard bezel - List $3399 

NVG - List $3599

Optional Install Kit (required if not replacing AMS system - List $ 239.95

Optional One Custom Bezel - List $199.00

Optional Two Custom Bezels - List $249.00

Optional Three Custom Bezels - List $299.00

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